INEE and partners launch the Charlevoix Funding Dashboard

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This article is part of the Committing to Change: Girls’ EiE from Charlevoix to COVID-19 blog series. 

Charlevoix funding dashboardThe INEE Reference Group on Girls’ Education in Emergencies, with support from Global Affairs Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of the Charlevoix Funding Dashboard. The Charlevoix Funding Dashboard aims to promote transparency and accountability towards the commitments made by G7 countries and funding partners towards the Charlevoix declaration on quality education for girls, adolescent girls and women in developing countries (hereafter: “Charlevoix Declaration on Quality Education”).

The Charlevoix Declaration on Quality Education was adopted by leaders of the G7 countries at the 44th Group of Seven (G7) Summit under the presidency of Canada in June 2018 in Charlevoix. The declaration represented a joint effort by G7 countries to step up for women and girls in humanitarian and development contexts. Focusing both on dismantling the barriers to education and improving the quality of education, the G7 committed to promote and improve learning outcomes for both refugees and host communities, while also working to reduce the time children and youth, especially girls, are out of school as a result of conflict and displacement.

The Charlevoix Funding Dashboard provides a picture of what has been achieved as a result of the historic Charlevoix commitments. The interactive dashboard visualizes funding pledged and disbursed by donors and funding partners in support of the Charlevoix Declaration on Quality Education. It illustrates funding flows from donors and funding partners to regions, countries, and implementing partners. It also gives information on project focus areas, population groups served, and highlighted projects. More details on the content and methodology, as well as answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the dashboard landing page

The data from the dashboard presents positive progress on the commitments towards girls’ education. The dashboard shows that:

  • All the Charlevoix donors have either met or are on track to meet their Charlevoix pledges. 
  • To date, the Charlevoix donors have collectively disbursed over US$4 billion against their Charlevoix pledges, going over and above their originally pledged amounts. 
  • The Charlevoix funds have supported over 500+ projects through 320+ implementing partners in 100+ countries across the globe. 

The development of this dashboard is a huge milestone in tracking progress towards the commitments made in support of the Charlevoix Declaration on Quality Education and in making girls’ education funding data available to a public audience. 

INEE is grateful to the many partners that made this dashboard possible, including Charlevoix donors, funding partners, and implementing partners and members of the INEE Girls’ Education Reference Group

The Charlevoix Funding Dashboard is now live and can be accessed here

If you have any questions about the dashboard, please reach out to