Strengthening Rapid Education Response Toolkit

The first of its kind Strengthening Rapid Education Response Toolkit provides country or field-level Education teams practitioners and coordinators with a practical resource and advocacy tool to ensure education’s inclusion in first phase humanitarian response. This includes demonstrating and advocating for the importance of including education in RRMs for a holistic and child-focused response to non-education actors.

How to use the Toolkit

Designed to be light and nimble, this toolkit is comprised of three key resources:

  1. Easy-to-use tools which can be used directly or adapted to the country/field context; this includes tools specifically tailored for the toolkit and those drawn more broadly from RRM and EiE resources
  2. Supplementary resources, tools and guidance to complement the Strengthening Rapid Education Response Toolkit 
  3. Links to a collection of curated platforms hosting current and expert-vetted resources to further support rapid education responses

Importantly, the Toolkit is not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to provide a strategic direction on how to develop a rapid education response, inclusive of preparedness, needs assessments, response planning, advocacy, resource mobilization, and monitoring. The tools are indicative and should be contextualized for each response.

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Global Education Cluster, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Save the Children, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organziation (UNESCO)
European Union, REACH, Translators without Borders


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