Social Emotional Learning Distance Learning Activity Pack

This pack of activities is intended to support distance learning opportunities for children who are currently out of school and have no, or limited, access to quality education. These materials can also be used as a compliment to formal or non-formal education where social emotional learning (SEL) is not adequately covered by the curriculum.  

The materials contained are adapted from existing, vetted, Save the Children technical packages, and the adaption has focused on ensuring their suitability for distance learning modalities such as radio, and audio broadcasts – i.e. scripting for distance learning – rather than technical content. As such, most of the activities contained in the IAI/IRI scripts maybe familiar in Country Offices and already in use in learning spaces.  

The information in this pack is to be used in conjunction with the: Covid-19: Interactive Radio & Audio Instruction (IRI) - Implementation Guidance. This guidance has been updated to include greater emphasis on the importance of including SEL activities in radio education programming. 

NOTE: The Implementation Guide is currently only available to Save the Children Staff. A version for sharing is under development and will be made available soon. Also, the links in the IRI SEL Script Matrix are currently only accessible to Save the Children Staff. A version with accessible links is currently being developed.

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