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Teacher’s Handbook Remedial Education has been developed by World Vision, based on its experiences facilitating a remedial education program in Jordan. World Vision, funded by Japan Platform, has been implementing a remedial education program in Jordan since 2014 in response to the prolonged Syrian crisis, targeting conflict-affected Syrian and Jordanian children.

Remedial education programs provide responsive and flexible learning support for students as they continue to attend regular public classes. The handbook summarizes World Vision’s experiences and good practices in implementing the remedial education program.  Although the handbook was developed based on field experience in a specific context (Jordan), its contents are versatile and can be applicable in many other contexts where children live in vulnerable conditions and require academic support and protection. With proper support thorough remedial education, children can continue learning and enhance their resilience to deal with challenging situations.

The handbook provides important notes and practical advice for educators based on World Vision’s experience. It also includes examples, lessons learned from the field, and motivational quotes from World Vision's remedial education teachers.

For more information, please see the webinar recording of the launch event for the handbook.

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