Peace Education Programme

The Peace Education Programme (PEP) teaches the skills and values associated with peaceful behaviours. The programme enables and encourages learners to think constructively about issues, both physical and social, and to develop constructive attitudes towards living together and solving problems that arise in their communities through peaceful means. The programme requires learners to practice these skills and to discover the benefits for themselves so that they psychologically ‘own’ the skills and behaviours.

The Peace Education Programme (PEP), which was produced as an inter-agency resource in 2005, is designed for learners in both formal and non-formal education, and can be used by ministries, aid agencies, and others. The PEP implementation structure is based on the experience acquired over the ten years the programme had been in use in refugee contexts. After external evaluation in 2005, INEE and partners revised the materials, incorporating suggestions and feedback from specialists who implemented it in the field.

PEP materials include:

  1. Overview of the Programme (English, French, Arabic)
  2. Facilitators and Trainers Training Guide (English, French, Arabic)
  3. Background Notes for Facilitators (English, Arabic)
  4. Background Notes for Teachers (English, Arabic)
  5. Manual for Training of Facilitators - 1 (English, French, Arabic)
  6. Manual for Training of Facilitators - 2 (English, Arabic)
  7. Manual for Training of Facilitators - 3 (English, Arabic)
  8. Teacher Training Manual - 1 (English, French, Arabic)
  9. Teacher Training Manual - 2 (English, French, Arabic)
  10. Teacher Training Manual - 3 (English, Arabic)
  11. Teacher Activity Book (English, French, Arabic)
  12. Teacher Activity Book of Secondary Modules (English, Arabic)
  13. Sara's Choice - A Collection of Stories and Poetry (English, Arabic)
  14. Facilitators’ Manual for Community Workshops (English, Arabic)
  15. Community Course Booklet (English, Arabic)
  16. Analytical Review of Selected Peace Education Materials (English)

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Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organziation (UNESCO), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)


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