MHPSS Minimum Service Package - Orientation Event

The MHPSS Minimum Service Package (MSP) defines a single intersectoral package of minimum MHPSS activities to be delivered in all humanitarian emergencies across Protection, Education and Health. By prioritizing activities, the MSP is intended to support humanitarian actors in designing and implementing a timely, coordinated, predictable, and evidence-informed MHPSS response. This will help to ensure that people in crisis worldwide have access to a minimum range and quality of MHPSS services. The MSP has been developed by WHO and UNICEF, in collaboration with UNHCR and UNFPA.

Webinar Recording

In this session, we covered:

  • What the MHPSS Minimum Service Package is and how it was developed
  • The different components of the MSP and how it is structured
  • The current piloting/demonstration process
  • How to access the MHPSS MSP

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