Global Education Monitoring Report 2019: Migration, Displacement and Education - Building Bridges, Not Walls

The 2019 GEM Report, Building bridges, not walls, continues its assessments of progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) on education and its ten targets, as well as other related education targets in the SDG agenda.

In addition, it will address the theme of migration and displacement, which is top of the international agenda this year with the upcoming global compacts on migrants and refugees. Over a year in the making, the Report will present evidence on the implications of different types of migration and displacement for education systems but also the impact that reforming curricula, pedagogy and teacher preparation can have on addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by migration and displacement.

The 2019 GEM Report will make the case for investing in the education of children left behind by migrant parents or following them as seasonal migrants; in countries with high rates of emigration and those seeing high rates of immigration; in short-term refugee emergencies and in protracted crises, analyzing challenges to effective humanitarian financing for education. Its analysis, conclusions and recommendations advance the aims of SDG 4 and its call to leave no one behind.

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