Education in Emergencies Global Online Course

This course is designed to provide UNICEF staff with foundational knowledge and skills relating to education in emergencies.  The course was originally designed by ESARO, the content has been utilized and updated from existing content from EiE capacity development training (such as for Frontline Responders, INEE Minimum Standards, Risk-Informed Programming, and others) in a comprehensive manner.

This eLearning course is an introduction to Education in Emergencies. Aside from a number of forum discussions throughout the course, it is non-facilitated and participant-led.

There are 23 units, organized into four modules: 

  • Module 1 covers the fundamentals of Education in Emergencies.
  • Module 2 focuses on technical areas for frontline responders.
  • Module 3 looks at Rights-based and resilient education systems.
  • Module 4 focused on cross-cutting issues.

Course content is derived from UNICEF and INEE materials and a range of global good practices. This course represents a condensed version of the UNICEF ESARO EiE eLearning Course, which is facilitated over a total of 36 hours throughout a period of 4-7 months.  

A range of Additional Resources are included within each lesson to allow learners to explore topics in more depth.

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