Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh Covid-19 Response Strategy

The goal of the Covid 19 response is to ensure continued learning and psychosocial wellbeing during the pandemic and create conducive environment for resumption of teaching and learning for children affected by the Covid 19 outbreak.

The Objectives, Activities and Indicators for the Education Sector COVID-19 response were developed by a Technical Working task team established by the Education Sector with active participation by Education Sector partners who are dedicated members of the ECD Working Group, the Youth Working Group and the Technical Working Group.

The activities have been defined to respond to the specific needs resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, inclusive of the largest number of like-minded partner activities while being specific enough to meet the overriding objectives. Education Sector partners are encouraged to consider the implementation of the proposed programmes (including in project/funding proposals). This will ensure a harmonized response across schools and minimize duplication of efforts across Education Sector partners.

The Education Sector COVID-19 strategy include four objectives corresponding to: re-opening of schools (Objective 1), during school closure (Objective 2 and 3) and education sector system strengthening (Objective 4).

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Emergency Response Plan


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Cox's Bazar Education Sector

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Sharmila Pillai, Ralph Zireva


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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