Covid-19 Education: Contingency Planning, Risk Reduction, Preparedness And Response Framework

Risk Reduction and Preparedness

  • Support Government with education sector risk assessments, contingency and response plans
  • Advocate and support governments for schools, teachers and families to be prepared for school closures and school re-opening

Response 1

  • Implement the safe school operations guidance with government and local partners

Response 2

  • Develop context appropriate strategies for continuous learning that allow pupils, teachers and schools to utilize flexible and remote/ home-based learning, which may include homework assignments, reading material, Radio, TV, online content, and internet-based learning

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Develop and implement simple monitoring and evaluation systems of learning activities and education response plans (to feed into country, regional and global SitReps and post-action evaluations).

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Preparedness and Contingency Planning