Celebrating the INEE MS with the launch of two new INEE tools

This webinar was convened to mark the launch of two new tools developed by the INEE Standards and Practice Working Group: the Education in Emergencies Competency Framework and the INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework.

The new Competency Framework for Professional Development was officially launched by INEE in October 2020. The Framework builds on the INEE Minimum Standards to articulate a set of required and valued competencies for the Education in Emergencies (EiE) sector. The Framework is intended to inform staff recruitment, learning and professional development, performance management, planning, and organizational design. To further the understanding of how the Competency Framework can be practically applied to daily work, and seek a call for early adopters in building out case studies for the practical use of the Competency Framework, we will review the original rationale, design overview and intended purpose of the Framework in this short webinar. 

The INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework, launched on March 2. The Framework provides a way for EiE stakeholders to demonstrate alignment with and progress towards the INEE Minimum Standards. Designed with flexibility and contextualisation in mind, the Framework can be used by implementers and donors alike at any stage of the program cycle. EiE stakeholders can and should adapt the framework for their own use and context, while still working under the overall framework of the INEE Minimum Standards. At this webinar, an update on the next steps for the Indicator Framework was also provided, including the piloting process which is taking place during the first half of 2021.

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