[LAUNCH] Contextualization of INEE Resources: Case Studies & Report

INEE Minimum Standards
Conflict Sensitive Education

We are delighted to share with you three case studies on the contextualization of INEE Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE) workshops in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Tanzania, and a report on the contextualization of the INEE Minimum Standards for North Kivu, DRC.

The materials are available in English and French on the INEE website via the links below:

CSE Covers ENG

These publications mark the end of a 4-year joint-initiative, Never too Late to Learn,  between the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), European Union (DG INTPA), and INEE. This multi-dimensional project was implemented in the DRC and Tanzania in order to contribute to improved access to quality and protective basic education (pre-school, primary, and lower secondary) for displacement-affected children. The activities led by NRC and INEE focused on training education stakeholders in CSE and introducing education in emergencies and the INEE Minimum Standards.

For additional perspectives on the project, check out the Blog Series: Conflict Sensitive Education Trainers Learning Journeys.