INEE Member Spotlight: Rose Cardarelli, Ed.D., FACHE

Location: Washington, DC / New York, NY

Title: CEO, Education for All Coalition

Introduce yourself to other members. Tell us who you are and summarize the work you do or interest you have in EiE. 

I’m the Founder of Education for All Coalition and we provide services in education, digital technology and social emotional learning, particularly to refugee and displaced children. I have served with OXFAM on the GCR, UNHCR on the GRF, GNEC and CTAUN at the UN, and as a RI Representative to UNHCR. I am currently a Director on several education and university boards.   

What has been a highlight of your work as a professional in EiE? Feel free to share a personal story. 

I have had experiences with responding to emergency Haitian over-the-sea migration, supporting integration of refugees from Iraq, and responding to the education needs of refugee children from around the world. I was personally touched when after a day in a classroom in Lebanon, the giggling children wrote me a note in English that said "I love  Rose"!  But the highlight of my work is always when I see a smile and hear the laughter of a child when I have the privilege to engage with them and bring hope and friendship.    

When and why did you join INEE, and what is the value of INEE membership to you? 

I joined INEE in 2018 and have been forever grateful for the collaboration, sharing of best practices, expert products and accessibility to global experts. The staff is experienced, service-oriented, and their knowledge is based on diligent research and grounded in authenticity and professionalism. The value of an INEE membership is with their networking, sharing truly applicable products. They are inclusive and innovative.   

How do you currently engage with the INEE network? (i.e. a member of an INEE network space or language community; receive news and attend INEE web events from time to time; use INEE EiE resources; etc) 

I participate in INEE mailings, web meetings, networking, professional introductions, as a member of the Inclusive Education Task Team, and as an organizer and host for INEE Meet-Ups. I have conducted video presentations on the use of the INEE Minimum Standards Handbook in my NGO work.

How would you like INEE members to connect and engage with you? What skills, experience and/or technical support would you be willing to share or provide to other members and/or INEE Secretariat? 

INEE members can connect with me through INEE email introductions. The Education for All Coalition is eager to collaborate in opportunities concerning refugee education, curriculum, social emotional learning, and digital technology. 

Anything else you want to share with members? 

I believe the most successful outcomes in the humanitarian spaces are derived from collaboration, sustainability, identification of best practices and measurements of success. I would encourage all to gain competencies from INEE’s standards with a caring and agile attitude to respond to the never ending opportunities to effect change for a child who has been displaced. We all have a responsibility to contribute where and how we can so all will have access, equity and human rights.   

*Published on August 2021.

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