INEE Member Spotlight: Fanny Nombulelo Agnes Malikebu

Location:  Blantyre, Malawi Headshot author

Title: Secondary School Teacher 


Introduce yourself to other members. Tell us who you are and summarize the work you do or interest you have in EiE.  

I am Miss Fanny Nombulelo Agnes Malikebu. I am currently a Secondary School Teacher, and teach subjects including Geography, Clothing & Textiles, Home Economics, and a  couple of other humanities subjects. 

Previously, I have served in government for several years. I hold qualifications with specialization in Education. 

My interests include: initial teacher education, equality, education planning, education financing, education policy, education leadership and management, education programme design, and education monitoring and evaluation 

What has been a highlight of your work as a professional in EiE? Feel free to share a personal story. 

Recently, in my home country Malawi, we experienced Cyclone Freddy. The aftermath of the Cyclones on education have been devastating: education for school-going children was disrupted, we saw loss of life,and in areas which were heavily affected, many children were left as orphans. The aftermath of the cyclones requires education in emergency framework's to ensure that the psychological learning gaps in such children are quickly addressed. 

As a teacher in secondary school, I had to adapt a new approach to delivering my lesson in the classroom but taking an extra mile in the provision of Psycho-Social Support in addition to the contributions made as a member of the communities where I belong to by ensuring that these school going children affected by the climate crisis were supported and kept in school.

I am currently a World Peace Songs Ambassadors for Malawi and a Teach2030 Ambassador for the Commonwealth Education Trust, and I am currently coordinating a Project with my students where we are working on World Peace Songs which in a way relieves students from stress and depressions which can develop from the aftermath my of the Cyclones. author photo

When and why did you join INEE, and what is the value of INEE membership to you?

l have been working on research proposals focusing on education policy, planning and financing for education in emergency and on teacher professional development, and I joined INEE for opportunities to network, learn, and contribute in these areas.

How do you currently engage with the INEE network?

As an INEE Member, I frequently receive the INEE news, teacher resources, and participate in the  INEE Meet-Ups.

How would you like INEE members to connect and engage with you? What skills, experience and/or technical support would you be willing to share or provide to other members and/or INEE Secretariat? 

I would be very happy to connect with the other INEE Members during the INEE Meet-Ups. We can also connect professionally via LinkedIn. 

I would be interested in doing collaborative research work together. Professionally, l am trained in areas including teacher professional development, initial teacher education programme, education planning, policy and leadership. So these are just some of the areas l can collaborate with and assist other members.

Anything else you want to share with members? 

Based on my topical areas of interest and my interest to work on projects focusing on education policy, planning and financing for education in emergencies and on teacher professional development in emergencies, I would like to connect with members whom I can collaborate with on the proposals. 

*Published on July 2023.

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