Educate Us! Women and Girls on Learning in Humanitarian Crises

Educate Us!Educate Us! is a new INEE podcast series about women’s and girls’ education in humanitarian crises. The series features a range of stories and perspectives on women’s and girls’ education in emergencies, and explores the gains made in girls’ education and the slip backwards caused by the pandemic. This series is a broad and intimate invitation for listeners to hear the stories behind the statistics, from the women and girls who live them. 

Episodes center on the unique challenges and opportunities women and girls experience while living and learning in humanitarian contexts. Building on momentum generated by the 2018 Charlevoix Declaration on Quality Education and the 2021 Declaration on Girls’ Education, and with the G7 Summit in June 2021, this is a timely and needed look into where we are and what still needs to be accomplished. We hope you’ll listen. 

Educate Us! is available on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. 


Episode 1: Motivated

In this first episode, we introduce some of the key challenges affecting women and girls’ education in crisis-affected contexts. We’ll hear from two women and a young girl on their experiences with education in Kenya and Malawi, and why education is important to them. 

We’d like to thank Global Affairs Canada, World Vision Canada, the Jesuit Refugee Service, and the UN Girls’ Education Initiative, for their support with this episode.


Episode 2: Married Young But Fighting For Education

In our second episode, we’ll discuss the pervasive issues of early marriage and early pregnancy and how communities are supporting girls to return to school post-pregnancy. We’ll hear from a Somali woman in Kenya on her experience being married and having children at a young age and how that impacted her education. 

We’d like to thank Global Affairs Canada, World Vision, and Girls Not Brides, for their support with this episode. 


Episode 3: I Have A Disability, I’m Not Disabled

In our third episode, we’ll discuss the specific challenges girls with disabilities face in learning during crises. We’ll hear from disability and inclusive education activists Nujeen Mustafa and Nafisa Baboo about their experiences and why inclusive education is important not only for students with disabilities, but for all students. 

We’d like to thank Global Affairs Canada, Education Cannot Wait, and Light for the World, for their support with this episode. 


Episode 4: Periods

In our fourth episode, we’ll learn how periods can be a barrier to education for women and girls around the world. We hear from Sesame Workshop and World Vision Zimbabwe about how they use their beloved characters to help young women navigate puberty and remove the stigma around menstruation.

We’d like to thank Global Affairs Canada, Sesame Workshop, World Vision Zimbabwe, and Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health for their support with this episode. 


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