INEE “Ask Me Anything” events

An INEE "Ask Me Anything” event, or AMA, is a chance for you to interact directly with a featured guest through an open and informal exchange of questions and responses.

INEE Community of Practice members support the organization of the AMAs. Everyone is welcome to attend the events live and asynchronous discussions can take place through the Community platform in the dedicated channel, #ask-me-anything.

If you are interested in joining a conversation, you can become a member of the community by filling this short form

You can literally ask the guest anything!

  • Wonder how they got started in EiE? Ask!
  • Want to know what INEE tools they use the most? Ask!
  • Interested in their educational background? Ask!
  • Curious if they have the same favorite foods or hobbies as you? Ask!

Note: An AMA is NOT a webinar. There is no presentation or formal structure. Participation is live, informal, and like a friendly chat. The AMA format can be video, audio, or completely by text.

Click below to join upcoming AMAs, or view details and watch recordings of past AMAs in the INEE Community of Practice, the free and open platform for INEE member engagement.

What our members and guests say about the AMAs:

  • This is an interesting and relaxing format among all the formal meetings and webinars that we attend everyday.
  • I am completely new to EiE and Suha’s AMA recording (see below) was one of my first resources through the  INEE Community of Practice. So thank you for all the interesting things you are presenting!
  • The one hour went by super fast. Really enjoyed listening to you, learning more about your work and you as a person! 

Upcoming AMAs

To be determined...

AMA Recordings

  • Abdeljalil Akkari | A professor at Geneva University | Switzerland | 23 November 2022 (French) 
  • Simon Buony | A member of the INEE Steering Group | South Soudan  9 November 2022 (English)
  • Diana Woolis | A learning strategy, design, and implementation expert. | USA |12 October 2022 (English)
      • Nancy Ortiz | An educator and humanitarian worker at Norwegian Refugee Council, Colombia | 28 September 2022 (Spanish)
      • Joseph Rugenyuza | Advocate of refugee higher education | Kenya & USA | 29 June 2022 (English)
      • Camilla Lodi | Head of the Global Psychosocial Support Unit, Norwegian Refugee Council | Jordan | 14 April 2022 (English)
      • Suha Tutunji | Academic Director, Jusoor | Lebanon | 14 March 2022 (English)
      • Chernor Bah | Co-CEO, Purposeful | Sierra Leone | 16 February 2022 (English)

      If you are interested in being or nominating a guest for a future INEE AMA in any of the INEE five languages, please contact