Glossary Term


A process which enables individuals to re-establish the economic, social and psychosocial relationships needed to maintain life, livelihood and dignity and inclusion in civic life.

The various components of reintegration can be described as follows.

  • Social reintegration implies the access by a returning migrant to public services and infrastructures in his or her country of origin, including access to health, education, housing, justice and social protection schemes.
  • Psychosocial reintegration is the reinsertion of a returning migrant into personal support networks (friends, relatives, neighbors) and civil society structures (associations, self‐help groups and other organizations). This also includes the re‐engagement with the values, mores, way of living, language, moral principles, ideology, and traditions of the country of origin’s society.
  • Economic reintegration is the process by which a returning migrant re‐enters the economic life of his or her country of origin and is able to sustain a livelihood.