Teacher Stories: Sar - Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia

This story was collected as part of Teachers in Crisis Contexts (TiCC) Event Series to ensure that the voices and experiences of teachers working in crisis and displacement permeate all aspects of the event. For more stories, click here.

Teachers as Leaders of Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience

Name: Sar Intan

Role: Teacher

School:  Inpres Watunonju Primary School

Location: Sigi Biromaru District, Sigi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Video Transcript [English]:

After the disaster, our school was damaged. Students cannot study well. We were afraid to study in class. 

Thanks to God, Wahana Visi Indonesia (World Vision Indonesia) helped us and provided us with temporary learning space. 

For four months, we learned about disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness. 

Through psychosocial support, now teachers are more confident to teach students. 

Teachers also learn to create Active, Joyful, and Effective Learning media for students.

Using this creative learning media, students can be more enthusiastically study in classroom. 

Besides, teachers and students are learning to become more aware about disasters because they can occur at anytime. 

As a teacher, I teach about the three pillars of a safe school, including safe school facilities, disaster management at school, and the education about disaster risk and reduction. 

Now, we have Disaster Alert-Students Team and Disaster Alert-Teachers Team as part of Safe School. We are now able to do emergency simulation in school. 

Our school also now has warning signs around the school building such as evacuation routes, assembly point, and a school health unit room. 

I hope that in the future, parents and village community will be more involved in the development of our school. 


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