INEE has 20,000 members!

Community Participation

We are thrilled to announce that INEE has reached a new membership milestone… 20,000 members

From just a couple dozen founding members in late 2000, INEE grew to about 5,000 members in its first decade. Since 2010, more than 1,000 new members have joined the network each year, roughly 3-5 new members every day. Our 20,000 members - YOU! - are affiliated with more than 4,000 organizations in 190 countries. We are truly a global network.

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To celebrate our 20,000 members milestone, we’re turning the spotlight on you, our members…check out some excerpts below, and view these and more profiles on the INEE Member Spotlights webpage.

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“Through INEE, I’ve had numerous opportunities to meet with other educators and stakeholders
in order to foster dialogue and discuss shared problems and challenges.” 

Raghda Alhaddad, Palestine


 “When I connect with colleagues, whether within our context in Uganda or beyond,
I feel a camaraderie that strengthens me for our work.”

Drew Edwards, Uganda 


“I have seen firsthand the difference that can be made when organizations come together
to provide resources, training, and support to educators and students in emergency situations.”

Penina Odhiambo, Kenya 


“We thoroughly reviewed the project plans and ensured that all activities should be according
to the INEE Minimum Standards.” 

Ahmad Hussain, Pakistan  


“Several of my colleagues work in conflict zones, so having access to
quality materials and quality professional development to share with them has been very beneficial.” 

Lea Gabay, California 

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Are you feeling inspired by your fellow members? We encourage you to share your own spotlight and take a few minutes to update your online profile

INEE exists for and because of its members. We are thankful to each and every one of you for your contributions to the network and to the education in emergencies sector at large. 

To learn how you can engage with INEE as a member, visit For any questions related to member engagement, send an email to