Youth Voices on Secondary Education in Crisis Contexts

In the midst of global refugee crises, the voices of secondary education students often remain marginalised, overshadowed by the complexities of the circumstances. This paper delves into the narratives of refugee youth navigating secondary education in crisis contexts, by intertwining semi-structured interviews and photovoice diaries. The aim is not only to amplify the voices of young refugee students but to empower them as active agents in shaping policies that directly impact their education.

The focus of this research lies in unravelling the multifaceted experiences of refugee youth, shedding light on the reasons compelling them to access secondary education, the challenges leading to school dropout, and their perceptions of the quality of education they receive. What sets this study apart is its deliberate emphasis on allowing refugee youth to directly address decision-makers. Through their lived experiences, these resilient young voices articulate their aspirations, frustrations, and hopes, urging policy interventions that speak to the intricacies of their reality. 

This study highlights the urgency of SDG 4.1 “All girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and effective outcomes”. In a world marked by displacement and uncertainty, this study stands as a conduit for the authentic voices of refugee youth, bridging the gap between their experiences and the policies that shape their educational destinies.

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