Youth and Alternative Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo Plans for a Field Study

This discussion paper marks the beginning of a process leading to field research and a published report. The purpose of this process is, first of all, to identify crucial gaps in knowledge that hamper the expansion of equitable access to education in conflict-affected contexts. The research will focus on alternative education programs (AEPs) for over-age, out-of-school youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). There is a particular emphasis on accelerated learning programs (ALPs), which are especially prevalent in the DRC. For the purposes of this paper, AEPs will refer to all types of education programs that are not considered part of formal education systems. The ALP term will refer to programs that provide learners with the equivalent of a formal education on an accelerated timeframe. An accelerated learning program is one form of alternative education.

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Education in Crisis & Conflict Network (ECCN)
US Agency for International Development (USAID)

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Marc Sommers


Adolescents and Youth
Alternative Education
Accelerated Education Program (AEP)