Training Tools for Curriculum Development: A Resource Pack

Training Tools for Curriculum Development: A Resource Pack is intended to support specialists and practitioners involved in curriculum change and reform. As the UNESCO institute specialised in the field of curriculum, the International Bureau of Education (IBE) emphasises the key role of high-quality curriculum development processes as a way to foster and improve the excellence, relevance and equity of education.

Building upon the Asia-Pacific Resource Pack for Capacity Building in Curriculum Development, the present Resource Pack has been conceptually refined and enriched with a vast array of learning activities, as well as more than 200 case studies and resources from all regions of the world. The Resource Pack offers a broad comparative international perspective with a view towards deepening a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of curriculum change and development. The eight modules of the Resource Pack cover a wide range of factors and dimensions that should be considered in order to improve the quality of curriculum development processes and products:

  1. Policy dialogue and formulation
  2. Curriculum change
  3. Curriculum design
  4. System management and governance
  5. Development of textbooks and teaching/learning materials
  6. Capacity building for curriculum implementation
  7. Processes of curriculum implementation
  8.  Assessment of students and curriculum evaluation

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