Supporting young children with disabilities in humanitarian settings

INEE’s Early Childhood Development Task Team is pleased to share the recording of a webinar on supporting young children with disabilities in humanitarian settings.

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The rapid growth that occurs in the first years of life provides an opportunity to influence and improve developmental outcomes that may impact the entire course of an individual's life. Addressing the developmental needs of children with disabilities during this critical period is essential if they are to survive, flourish, learn, and be empowered (WHO, n.d.). 

Recognizing the importance of addressing all children's unique needs and acknowledging the influence of social stigma and misconceptions about disability that may lead to underdeveloped potential and social exclusion, we seek to advocate for and support the inclusion of young children with disabilities in Early Childhood Development in Emergencies programming. 

The webinar was moderated by Rosangela Berman Bieler, UNICEF’s Global Advisor on Disability, and included presentations on foundational concepts for disabilities-inclusive programming, and alternatives to address young children with disabilities needs in a resourceful, creative manner. 


  • Suzanne Zuidema, Early Childhood Development and Disability-Inclusion specialist, Independent Consultant
  • Fiona Beckerlegge, Executive Director and co-founder, Kyaninga Child Development Centre
  • Deborah Marie Rodríguez García, Senior Manager, Education, Sesame Workshop

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