The Sphere standards and the Coronavirus response

The Coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading globally. How can the Sphere Handbook guide our response?
Sphere collates and disseminates emerging practice and evidence in the Coronavirus response and released a four-page document guiding you through the relevant parts of the Sphere Handbook.

Why is Sphere relevant for COVID-19?
Sphere offers a holistic, people-centred approach to humanitarian work, with the three foundation chapters – Humanitarian Charter, Protection Principles and Core Humanitarian Standard – supporting the four technical chapters. For the Coronavirus response, there are three important overarching factors: firstly, people should be seen as human beings, not just cases. Human dignity is woven throughout the Handbook. Secondly, community engagement is crucial. And thirdly, focusing on preventing the spread of the Coronavirus should not make us forget affected people’s other needs, nor the long-term medical needs of the wider population.

The document has two sections:

  1. The first section covers fundamental principles which are crucial to a successful, holistic intervention.
  2. The second covers relevant standards and guidance in the handbook’s Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH) and Health chapters.

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