Sexual and Reproductive Health During Protracted Crises and Recovery

After recognizing the gap in sexual and reproductive services (SRH) in international assistance, the WHO, UNFPA and other humanitarian partners from the Health Cluster convened in Granada, Spain for a global consultation. The consultation produced the "Granada Consensus," a statement that highlights four priority areas to be addressed in order to facilitate the sustainable provision of SRH services in protracted crises. It also agreed on a matrix to support decision-makers plan the progress from minimum initial response to comprehensive response for SRH services. 

This publication is a compilation of the key documents that guided the consultation process as well as reports from the above mentioned meetings: 

  • The first part presents the background paper that was developed for the global consultation in September 2009, and the lessons learned from six case studies that had been prepared for the working groups during the Granada Consultation. 
  • The second part gives an overview of the proceedings of the Granada Consultation, summarizes the presentations and discussions and presents the key consultations and recommendations. 
  • The last part (from the consultation to action) presents the outcomes and recommendations of the follow-up meeting that took place in Geneva in 2010, and agreed on a strategy for the implementation of the Granada Consensus

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