Safe School Environments During the EVD Outbreak

The Ebola outbreak has hugely negative impact on the right to education for almost 5 Million children and students of all ages in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The decision to reopen the preschools, as well as primary, secondary, technical schools and universities is at the discretion of the government, especially the ministries in charge of Education and the Ministry of Health. The decision must be based on sound epidemiological data, on the level of EVD prevalence, taking into account the safety of large gatherings of people, the ability of the health system and the readiness of schools themselves to support the health and safety of children.

What is this guidance note about?

  • The admission rules for students, teachers, supervisors, and workers
  • Special hygiene measures and rules
  • Key equipment for the prevention of transmission of EVD in school
  • Procedures for the referral and management of suspected case of EVD in schools
  • Support for children and non-discrimination

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United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)


Safe Schools and Learning Environments