Protecting the Right to Education in Gaza

Since October 7, 2023, more than 3,000 school children and 130 teachers and school administrators have been killed in the attacks on Gaza. To date, 61% of school buildings have been destroyed or sustained damages. As a result of the continuous fighting between Hamas and the Israeli military, all schools in Gaza have been suspended, depriving over 600,000 students of their right to education. According to the Occupied Palestinian Territory Education Cluster, more than 1 million people are internally displaced in Gaza, many of whom are using schools as shelters. 

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2601, unanimously passed in October 2021, reaffirms the global consensus that all parties involved in armed conflicts must protect the right to education and ensure the safety of schools as spaces for learning.

This webinar aimed to raise awareness and advocate for the protection of educational institutions and the right to education for Palestinian learners. It aimed to shed light on the current challenges faced by educators and learners in Gaza. It is a call for international attention and support for the right to education in Gaza, along with recommendations for actionable steps to protect educational institutions, learners, and school personnel in conflict zones. Panelists  included representatives from UNRWA, the Palestine Education Cluster, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA), teachers in Gaza, and others.

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Protecting Education from Attack

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