Protecting Education in Insecurity and Armed Conflict: An International Law Handbook

Since the first edition of this Handbook was published, attacks on education have continued worldwide, underlining the persistent relevance of this publication.

Given the continued attacks on education committed worldwide, and the importance of education, the protection of education in insecurity and armed conflict continues to deserve global attention, including from the legal community. The second edition of the Handbook incorporates all of the relevant developments which have occurred since 2012, including the Safe Schools Declaration, adopted in 2015, but also steps taken in the development sector such as the adoption of Sustainable Development Goal (‘SDG’) 4 on education.

With this in mind, this Handbook aims to draw together those aspects of international law that are relevant to education-related violations in situations of insecurity and armed conflict. Education is the focus of this Handbook and runs throughout each of its chapters, linking legal provisions from various regimes in a novel way: through their relevance to education; and their potential utility to those seeking to protect education from violation.

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