Through videos, texts and interactive activities, the student will progress in their learning and complete the different units:

SCIENCE: Travel through the Solar System, the human body, the life of plants or the composition of food. Discover all our science content, included within the categories of Life ScienceEarth and Space SciencesPhysics and Chemistry and Social Science.

LINGUISTICS: Review how to make an argumentative text, literary genres and word accentuation. Get trained in the areas of LiteracySemanticsCommunicationSpelling and GrammarLiteratureWritten Communication and Oral Communication.

TECHNOLOGY: Immerse yourself in our content on TechnologyDigital CompetencesComputational Thinking and Introduction to Programming.

MATHEMATICS: Delve into the world of ArithmeticAlgebra or Geometry.

CITIZENSHIP: Learn what citizenship is, coexistence at school and the elements of a city.

WAYS OF THINKING: Discover how to learn to learn and acquire transversal knowledge within the areas of CollaborationSocial & Cultural EmpathyStudy ToolsCritical ThinkingCreativity & Communication and Problem Solving.

PRINCIPLES FOR A HEALTHY LIFE: Learn about healthy eating habits and caring for nature.

The educational content is available in 4 languages ​​(Spanish, English, French and Portuguese) and classified by level of difficulty and subject.

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