Planning for School Reopening and Recovery After COVID-19

The short and accessible briefs collected here draw on rigorous evidence relevant to the COVID-19 emergency to formulate recommendations for policymakers on five critical dimensions of school reopening and recovery:

  1. Engaging communities in reopening plans
  2. Targeting resources to where they are most needed
  3. Getting children back to school
  4. Making school environments safe
  5. Recovering learning loss and building back better

The briefs are accompanied by CGD’s COVID-19 education policy tracker, which provides up-to-date information on each country’s policy response and reopening plans, as they emerge.

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Center for Global Development

Authored by

Shelby Carvalho, Jack Rossiter, Noam Angrist, Susannah Hares, Rachel Silverman


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Education Policy
Research and Evidence