Monitoring Distance Learning During School Closures

This guidance is intended to be used by anyone who is considering monitoring the reach and effectiveness of distance learning modalities, including technology-facilitated and blended learning modalities, through surveys of parents/caregivers, children/students and/or teachers. The guidance is divided into five key steps, with guiding questions, points for further consideration, and examples of good practices in monitoring and more generally in survey design. Accompanying this guidance is a Question Bank, which provides sample questions to understand children’s, parents' and teachers' experiences with distance learning. While this guidance was initially developed in support of monitoring activities in South Asia, the guidance and example questions can be used by practitioners in any country with appropriate adaptation to the local context.

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Monitoring Distance Learning During School Closures

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United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

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Vidur Chopra, Frank van Cappelle


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Distance Education
School Administration and Monitoring