MENAT CHILD Measurement Inventory

The MENAT CHILD Measurement Inventory was compiled and categorized by NYU Global TIES for Children as a resource for stakeholders interested in identifying additional measures of children’s holistic learning and development (CHILD) which have been used in the MENAT region. To develop the inventory, we carefully reviewed working papers and journal articles in English and Arabic to identify and document the details of where, in what language, and with what population CHILD measures have been used in MENAT. We hope that they provide a useful starting point for users who don’t otherwise find measures that suit their needs on the Measurement Library.  While the focus of our search was on tools used in the MENAT region, many tools have been used in other regions as well. 

A searchable and filterable database is available here. The first page provides guidance on how to use the database and a link to the methodology for how this resource was developed.

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