The Masahati Student Clubs (MSC) and Proud to Be a Teacher (PtBT) Programmes in Jordan

This is the executive summary of an external evaluation undertaken by Oxford Policy Management (OPM) of the Masahati Student Clubs (MSC) programme, which has been implemented along with the Proud to Be a Teacher (PtBT) programme. The MSC is a programme of Madrasati - an NGO launched in 2008 by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abudullah - to support public schools in Jordan. 

MSC is one of three innovations being supported by Phase 2 of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR’s) Humanitarian Education Accelerator (HEA). The evaluation was commissioned by the HEA in order to: 

  • Identify good practices in, and lessons learnt from, the scaling process and to document evidence of impact in scaling; and 
  • Inform ongoing scaling and implementation, and to support evidence-based decision-making throughout the scaling journey. 

The evaluation was undertaken from February to September 2022, and this executive summary captures important elements and highlights of the final report. 

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