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Launch of JEiE Volume 8, Number 1

INEE and the Journal on Education in Emergencies are pleased to share the recording of a webinar marking the launch of JEiE Volume 8, Number 1!

The publication of the latest issue of JEiE comes during an era of compounding crises that have spurred massive displacement and learning loss on a global scale. The authors who contributed to this issue offer actionable, freely available evidence from their work in EiE contexts across five continents to inform more effective educational interventions for vulnerable learners. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of practical questions in EiE, author teams comprised of practitioners, academics, and policymakers approach their subjects with methodological rigor that breaks common boundaries between research and practice.

Webinar Recording

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  • Kathryn Moore
  • Augustino Ting Mayai, PhD
  • Grace Anyaegbu
  • Jasmine Turner, PhD, Research, War Child Holland
  • Stephanie Zuilkowski, PhD, Associate Director of Learning Systems Institute and an Associate Professor at Florida State University
  • Elizabeth Buckner, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto OR Daniel Shephard, PhD Candidate, Columbia University 
  • Maryam Jillani, International Education Consultant
  • Susan Ayari, Program Area Director, Creative Associates International 
  • Agatha van Ginkel, PhD, Multilingual Education Consultancy

The webinar, which will include a moderated question-and-answer session, will outline a range of efforts to respond to the multiple dilemmas facing education in conflict and crisis settings, and to promote quality learning opportunities for all ages in situations of crisis by supporting equity and social justice in the production of knowledge and dissemination of EiE evidence.

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