Kolibri is specially designed to provide offline access to a curated and openly licensed educational content library. Available in dozens of languages, the Kolibri libraries are designed to support a well-rounded curriculum, including both formal educational materials--such as lessons and assessments--and exploratory materials, such as books, games, and simulations.

How does Kolibri reach the disconnected?

  1. "Seeding" a Device: Kolibri installers, updates, and content can be downloaded once to a device in an area that has an Internet connection
  2. Peer-to-Peer Distribution: That "seeded" device can then share new content and updates with other devices over an offline local network.

  3. Last Mile via "Sneakernet": To reach the most remote communities, a device can be carried by foot to share installers, updates, and content with other devices over local networks.

Languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Chewa, Farsi, French, Fulfulde Mbororoore, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Khmer, Korean, Marathi, Portuguese (Brazilian and Mozambican), Simplified Chinese, Spanish (European and Latin American), Swahili, Telugu, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese and Yoruba

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