Integrating Videos for Young Children into Multi-sectoral Interventions: What We’re Learning from Pilots in Bangladesh, Colombia, and Kenya

Sesame Workshop is partnering with educators and social service providers to pilot the use of the Watch, Play, Learn videos in different locations around the world. The goal is to learn how to facilitate use of the videos to bring joy and learning to children while providing a convenient and efficient experience for service providers and caregivers. The three pilot locations were chosen to provide a diversity of contexts from which to learn, including within refugee camps and in urban settings that have access to a spectrum of technology and infrastructure. The pilots engage a diversity of partners, including national actors and international organizations. Finally, the videos will be used in programming rooted in different sectors, providing insight into their contribution to different areas of early childhood development. Additionally, we have partnered with New York University to measure the impact of our content on children’s learning in Colombia, and we are planning to release the results by the first quarter of 2024.

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