INEE Minimum Standards Contextualized for Community Based Education in Afghanistan

In 2007, Partnership for Advancing Community Education in Afghanistan (PACE-A) established a community-based education forum in which agencies working in the field of community based education in Afghanistan could meet on a regular basis. Items such as geographic coverage, co-ordination of services, education interventions and discussions regarding new initiatives have been regularly discussed. In order to co-ordinate service delivery and work towards some equitable standards of community intervention, the CBE forum established a working group. The working group used the most relevant standards of the INEE Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crisis and Early Reconstruction to contextualize the global standards to the situation of community-based education in Afghanistan. These standards are to be used by community-based education providers to guide their work in communities. The Ministry of Education can use these standards to monitor the work of these providers in the communities.

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Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)


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