INEE Framing Paper 2 - Financing for All: Beyond the Primary Need

This paper explores the extent to which post-primary education options are being financed, what approaches are being taken and the opportunities and challenges for supporting post-primary education in the future. In situations of conflict and crisis youth and adolescents are likely to have a diverse range of educational needs and to fall into two broad categories: those who are post-primary age but have not yet acquired a basic education, and those who have received basic education and wish to go on to further studies. A number of different education options are required to meet these diverse needs, including second-chance education programs, technical and vocational training, work-related training, and secondary education

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Framing Paper 2

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Published by

Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)

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Janice Dolan and Laura Brannelly


Education Financing