INEE Framing Paper 1 - Education and Opportunity: Post-Primary and Income Growth

This paper considers the connections between post-primary education (PPE) for crisis-affected youth, and Income Growth interventions. This complex and poorly-understood ‘gray area’ of emergencies and development work is of increasing interest in resource-poor contexts with youth-majority populations. Given that PPE is seen to have largely failed in reaching adolescent girls and boys and youth in the developing world, and given that current thinking on development issues is going through a shift toward labor-market centered approaches, this paper reviews the current state of thought in the field, defines a number of often-confused terms, and seeks to better define the niche in Income Growth work for the education sector.

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Published by

Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)

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Joshua Chaffin


Levels of Learning - Secondary Education
Levels of Learning - Tertiary Education
Vocational and Skills Training