INEE 2019 Annual Report

This INEE 2019 Annual Report is a summary of the network’s many activities and accomplishments, which are organized by INEE’s four strategic priorities and six primary functions: community building, convening, knowledge management, amplifying and advocating, facilitating and learning, and providing. 

A shortlist of notable 2019 achievements that you’ll find in this report includes: 

  • increasing the INEE membership by more than 1,300 new members; 
  • launching a fully redesigned website (; 
  • freshening up our logo and visual identity; 
  • holding our working groups meeting in virtual format for the first time; 
  • fortifying an education in emergencies learning agenda; 
  • hosting more than 20 webinars; 
  • playing a leading role in the first ever Global Refugee Forum, including making four pledges; 
  • publishing new tools on gender and teacher wellbeing; 
  • and much, much more! 

Click to read and download the full INEE 2019 Annual Report.

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