Humanitarian Operations Programme (HOP) Fundamentals

Fundamentals is aimed at people beginning their career in the humanitarian sector or for those transitioning from the development sector. It is also aimed at individuals who have never received formal training on the essentials of humanitarian action, or for those wishing to ‘refresh’ their knowledge.

By completing Fundamentals, you will acquire essential knowledge on 7 different learning paths:

  • Introduction and history of humanitarianism: begin to better understand the origins of humanitarian action
  • Law, principles and approaches: an overview of frameworks and approaches governing humanitarian action
  • Operations management: programming in emergency contexts - what to think about?
  • Configuration and management of humanitarian responses: manage and evaluate humanitarian responses
  • Cross-cutting themes: addressing important cross-cutting issues to consider in humanitarian action
  • Support a response: skills to effectively support and coordinate humanitarian responses
  • Technical skills: an overview of the different humanitarian technical sectors

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