How Children Learn in Khor Alwaral Refugee Camp an In-Depth Education Assessment

Sudan plays a crucial role in hosting refugees in Africa, particularly in the White Nile State (WNS), which houses over 440,000 refugees, including recent arrivals from South Sudan. Despite support from UNHCR and partners, education gaps persist in WNS refugee camps due to inadequate facilities, teacher shortages, and other challenges. Before the conflict on April 15, there were 150,744 school-age children in the camps, but only 23 double-shift schools were available. An assessment of educational challenges and solutions highlighted the need for improved infrastructure, teacher-student relationships, and education quality. Collaborative efforts, adequate funding, and proactive advocacy are essential for achieving positive transformations in refugee education. The assessment also identifies best practices and community-based solutions to enhance the educational environment for refugees and the broader community in Sudan.

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