Guide to the Accelerated Education Principles

The inter-agency Accelerated Education Working Group (AEWG) reviewed and distilled a set of global good practices and guidelines for AEPs. This guide helps establish what is considered good practice, and is intended to evolve into a standard.

Existing AEPs may not reach this standard. However, it is hoped that programmes will evolve and strengthen to meet the AEP principles of good practice set out here. These principles can also be used for advocacy purposes to promote improvements in AEPs. This guide is for those who finance, plan, design, manage, and evaluate AEPs, including NGOs, community-based organisations (CBOs), government education authorities, and other education actors. The guide should be useful to programme managers, education advisers, policy makers, and anyone seeking to improve inclusive, quality education in contexts affected by crisis and conflict.

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Published by

Accelerated Education Working Group (AEWG)
Enabling Education Network (EENET)

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Juliette Myers, Helen Pinnock, Ingrid Lewis


Accelerated Education Program (AEP)