A greener, fairer future: Why leaders need to invest in climate and girls' education

A greener, fairer future outlines the origins of the climate emergency and explains how confronting issues like the legacy of colonialism, racial discrimination and gender inequality through education is key to finding a sustainable solution to the crisis. The paper introduces the Gender-Equal Green Learning Agenda, a new framework to help leaders address the climate crisis through education.

In this report, Malala Fund recommends how leaders can take urgent climate action at meetings this year, like COP26. This includes reducing carbon emissions, improving girls’ access to education, helping communities adapt to the realities of climate change and transforming education systems to provide all students with the knowledge, skills and values needed to challenge the social and economic inequalities fuelling the climate crisis.

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Report cover with images of girls and the world, and the text: A greener, fairer future

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Malala Fund

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Lucia Fry, Philippa Lei


Climate Change