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Funding, Policy AND Protection: delivering a quality education to children affected by conflict in Syria and the region

6 million children affected by the war in Syria are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.1.4 million of these children are of school age and are living as refugees in neighbouring countries and more than half of them lack access to education.

As organisations working either inside Syria or across the region with Syrian refugees, we are calling on the participants in the London conference to commit to ensure all children and young people affected by the conflict have access to safe, quality, and relevant educational opportunities during the 2016/2017 academic year and on an ongoing basis.

With direct knowledge and experience of educational support and provision across the region, we call on conference participants to:

  1. Close the education funding gap
  2. Enact policies that guarantee access to quality education inside Syria and in host countries
  3. Protect students, teachers and educational facilities from attack

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