A Framework to Guide an Education Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020

This report aims at supporting education decision making to develop and implement effective education responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The report explains why the necessary social isolation measures will disrupt school-based education for several months in most countries around the world. Absent an intentional and effective strategy to protect opportunity to learn during this period, this disruption will cause severe learning losses for students.

The report proposes that leaders of education systems and organizations develop plans for the continuation of education through alternate modalities,  covered by such plans.

Based on a rapid assessment of education needs and emerging responses in ninety eight countries, the report identifies the most salient needs that should be addressed in these plans, as well as the areas likely to face more implementation challenges. It also examines the education responses of various countries to the crisis. Based on an analysis of data from the most recent administration of the PISA survey, the report also describes the challenges facing various education systems to depend on online education as an alternative modality.

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Harvard Graduate School of Education, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

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Fernando M. Reimers and Andreas Schleicher,


Education Sector Planning