The evidence for improving education in conflict-affected areas of Nigeria and existing gaps

This review sets out to (i) identify and synthesise the evidence base of education programmes in conflict-affected areas of Nigeria in order to generate a rigorous understanding of the circumstances under which education is delivered; and (ii) identify evidence gaps concerning access, quality and continuity of education, and the interventions that aim to improve education outcomes. The review was conducted as part of the Education Research in Conflict and Protracted Crisis (ERICC) programme. The literature review drew on peer-reviewed academic papers and programme reports, which were categorised according to the ERICC conceptual and research framework according to the research questions and programmes they addressed. The findings show that, although there is promising evidence of interventions which can improve academic outcomes of out-of-school children in some areas, particularly around teaching and learning, there remain significant evidence gaps related to: (i) the state of policies, budgets and data systems; (ii) the state of coherence in the education system and the factors that enable or constrain coherence; (iii) policy-level interventions which can alignment, accountability and adaptability of the education system; (iv) interventions which can improve access, quality and continuity of children's education in conflict affected areas in cost-effective ways; (v) the status of children’s academic learning, social emotional development, mental health and well-being, and achievement and equity for different subgroups; and (vi) system strengthening education interventions which can improve children's achievement and equity in cost-effective ways. Findings were used to inform the generation of to develop the ERICC Nigeria programme through consultation with key government and non-government stakeholders.

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White Paper


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Education Research in Conflict and Protracted Crisis (ERICC) Consortium

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Anjini Mishra, Bukola Oyinloye, Faith Mkwananzi, Michael Watts, Adedoyin Adesina, Oladele Akogun, Marlana Salmon-Letelier, Silvia Diazgranados Ferrans


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