ERICC Research Agenda for Nigeria

The Nigeria research agenda outlines the research direction based on the co-construction of evidence and sets out the co-creative principles for implementing the research agenda. The research themes that constitute the Nigeria research agenda were identified through consultations with key in-country stakeholders at the Federal level and in Borno, Adamawa, and Kaduna States.

The stakeholders identified the priority research concerns around access, quality, continuity and coherence of education in conflict and crisis-affected contexts in Nigeria as the following, in sequence to be addressed: (1) policy, systems and sustainability; (2) teacher issues; (3) data; and (4) social and emotional learning. The stakeholder concerns were cross-checked with the literature for gaps in evidence. The research problems were then proposed as knowledge gaps where the concerns had not been addressed in the literature, where the research problems were the broad articulation of the stakeholder's concerns about an issue for which there is little or weak evidence in the literature that decision-makers can use for addressing it. The research problems in the research agenda will be further broken up into specific, policy-relevant research questions (and objectives) that will bridge current gaps in evidence for decision-making.

The programme will leverage existing partnerships, build new ones and explore opportunities for funding evidence generation that the FCDO is unable to cover. Our primary method for evidence generation will continue to be a collaborative, co-constructive approach with participatory end-users. The end-users will participate in the research design, data collection, analysis, reflection, and evidence application for addressing the problems and gaps identified by the stakeholders.

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Background Paper


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Education Research in Conflict and Protracted Crisis (ERICC) Consortium

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Oladele Akogun, Adedoyin Adesin, Sani Njobdi, Marlana Salmon-Letelier, & Silvia Diazgranados Ferrans


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