EiE Online learning series

This collection of courses is primarily designed to help education in emergencies (EiE) and education practitioners to improve their overall understanding of EiE or their knowledge of specific EiE topics and areas, in line with the modules and individual course units offered. It may also serve as a useful resource for those working in other areas but wanting to improve their understanding of EiE by diving into this intermediate-level content.

The EiE Online learning series:

  • explicitly links to the INEE Competency Framework and can be used to help address many of the competencies presented in the Framework;

  • can be taken as individual units, individual modules, as a complete standalone course or, for eligible participants, as a pathway to the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) accredited by the University of Geneva;

  • Is H-Pass digitally badged, earned by completing the unit content and a test at the end.

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Training Material


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Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), Plan International, Save the Children


Humanitarian Sectors - Education
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