Education under COVID-19 Lockdown: Reflections from Teachers, Students, and Parents

Published by
Lebanese American University, Center for Lebanese Studies, LERRN
Authored by
Mai Abu Moghli & Maha Shuayb
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Community Participation
Emergency - Health

This report is based on an online survey conducted by the Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS). It maps out main trends of the impact of COVID19- on the access and quality of education as well as the impact on teachers, students and parents. Based on the data, the report gives an overall understanding of where the main gaps and challenges are when planning for distant education in contexts of emergencies in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. Finally, it gives a number of recommendations to be considered by policy makers, educators, and parents to better respond to emergencies in the future particularly to safeguard the access to quality education with a special focus on marginalised groups.